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We asked our residents: "What is Homer Simpson's FAVORITE football team?"
The answer: The Dallas Cowboys, of course!
In the second episode of The Simpsons' eighth season, "You Only Move Twice", Homer had confided in the owner of Globex Corporation and supervillian, Hank Scorpio, of his dream of owning the Dallas Cowboys, but was dissapointment when the Denver Broncos arrived at his doorstep.

"You Only Move Twice" originally aired on the Fox Network on November 3, 1996.

There were other mentions of the Dallas Cowboys throughout the series:

  • "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" Season2, Episode 7: During the Thanksgiving NFL game, Homer is cheering for the Dallas Cowboyas and two fictional players, Jay Krogen and Wallace Wolodarsky.
  • "Lisa the Greek" Season 3, Episode 14: The Dallas Cowboys were the team Homer had to bet on if Lisa still loved him.


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